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Tenchi Shinmei (DVD)
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Created in February of 2010 and began touring by Tokara in 2013, "Tenchi Shinmei" (The gods of heaven and earth) was inspired by the late Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi. This concert was performed by Wadaiko Ensemble Tokara throughout 12 countries in Asia, Europe and North America, including 41 concerts at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This video is the studio recording by National TV-4 at the Iida Culture Theater.
"Calling upon the purest of Shinto ideas, that within all things in the universe, both animate and inanimate, resides the essence of the spark of life of all humanity. The constant beating of the drums in our hearts are revitalized by the jazzy and enthusiastic rhythms that we play. Both the taiko drum and the drum of our hearts are forged together in eternal joy."

Existension (CD)
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Wadaiko Artist Art Lee's first recorded album of experimental taiko music. Recorded in Gunma by Zion Mount Entertainment. Released 2006

Toward the Undiscovered Country (CD)
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Tokara's second production which toured throughout Japan, Taiwan and North America in 2005, "Toward The Undiscovered Country" is a theme based upon the Future. Not only the future of Tokara creating new ideas and styles of taiko drumming, but the future of the world's civilizations...the move toward the positive growth of humanity as a whole.
This album was recorded in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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