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August 11 - 15, 2014
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The TOKARA Wadaiko Camp (also known as TOKARA Boot Camp) in Japan takes place during the most lively time of year in Japan...Obon Festival Season.
This course will allow the taiko practicioner to fully immerse themselves in the world of taiko in Japan; from intensive training during the day to enjoying the rural life of Japan through festival performances every evening. This is a full-week intensive course which creates an opportunity for participants to experience what it is like to live in Japan as a taiko player, and to train in and see firsthand the vast abundance of taiko styles that abode in Japan.

Course Content
The TOKARA Wadaiko Camp is an intensive taiko training session during which participants will have the chance to be taught in the energetic performance style of TOKARA by Wadaiko Artist Art Lee.  Participants to the TOKARA Wadaiko Camp will undergo intensive taiko study of all original drills and composition.  In the evenings, participants will be able to enjoy the festival atmosphere of Iida City and Achi Village during Obon Festival Season, as well as join TOKARA for their 2014 Hirugami no Hibiki showcase at the outside Hirugami Onsen Mountain Theater in Hirugami Onsen Resort.  On the fifth day, Course participants will have the opportunity to perform an original piece written by Art Lee at the Hirugami Onsen Mountain Theater.
All drills and compositions are originally created by Wadaiko Artist Art Lee.

To better immerse oneself in rural life in Japan, accomodation will be at a Japanese Inn located in Hirugami Onsen Resort called Misaka Ryokan.  Misaka Ryokan is one of the finest smaller inns in the 23 hotel resort due to the unequalled hospitality of the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Toyama.  Accomodation, In-hotel hot spa and breakfast are all included in the course fee. For Course participants, accomodation from Sunday night to the departure for Tokyo is included.

Unless travelling to other parts of Japan before the course, participants are advised to arrive at the nearest international airport which is Chubu International Airport (Centrair - Nagoya).  Detailed directions will be included in information packets to those whose applications are accepted to the TOKARA Wadaiko Bootcamp.

Details Summary
Dates: August 11 - 15, 2014
Achi Village, Japan (just next to Iida City)
***Early registration from December 1st to February 30th.***
***Early registration is 110,000yen and is payable via Paypal***
Course fee covers:
Course Tuition
     2. Accomodation with breakfast
24 hour hot spring bath at Misaka Ryokan

Application for the 2014 TOKARA Wadaiko Camp will be available from December 1st, 2013.

***Though not a prerequisite, it is strongly recommended that applicants have intermediate to advanced taiko experience before applying to this course.  Limited to 12 participants.

To apply, please send the answers to the following questions by email to:

1. First Name:

2. Last Name:

3. Address:

4. Telephone Number:

5. FAX Number: (if different from Telephone Number)

6. Email Address:

7. Taiko Group Name (if applicable)

8. Taiko Experience

You should receive confirmation of receipt of your application within two days by email.