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Wadaiko Ensemble TOKARA


2011 - 2012

  • January: India Delhi Performance for Maruti Suzuki Motors
  • April - May: Workshops and Charity Concert in Vancouver, Canada.
      Concert and Educational Outreach at Fergus Falls Center for the Performing Arts
  • May - June: Six concert Japan Tour including Nagoya City, Hakusan City, Achi Village and Ina City
  • August: 41 concerts at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • September: Two weeks intensive workshop hosted in Leuven, Belgium
  • October: Concerts in Exeter City Barnfield Theatre. Workshops in England, Scotland and Ireland
  • November: Japan Taiko Representatives at the Germany/Japan Friendship Exhibition Week in Frankfurt, Germany

2009 - 2010
  • "Sva" World Tour collaboration with Ragamala Dance - North America, United Kingdom, Japan
  • Two weeks of 12 performances at the 42nd Street Theater Off Broadway New York
  • One month 30 concerts - Tokara Summer Festival Showcase "Hirugami no Hibiki"
  • India Tour - Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbai
  • Asano Taiko 400th Anniversary Concert performance
  • "Tengei" - Tokara collaboration with Ensemble Rivelta (Bamboo Flute and Koto group) Japan Tour
  • "Kougeki Junrei" - Art Lee selected as one of three "Masters of the Odaiko" Japan Tour Concerts

2007 - 2008
  • Kansai Super Show - Tokyo Dome, Japan (Art Lee selected as one of five Odaiko Drum Leaders)
  • Art Lee receives award from the American Composers Forum for composition of music for "Sva"
  • Art Lee selected to perform at the "All-Stars of Japan" Taiko concert at Aoyama Gekijyo in Tokyo
  • Tokara performs at the Takayama City All-Japan Championship Wadaiko Concert
  • Japan Representative Group at World Drum and Dance Festival in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Australia Performances for Year 2006 Australia/Japan Friendship
  • Zenkoji Temple Performance with Jazz group, Histrad

  • "Sva (Vital Force)": Debut 2008 at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis, MN.
      Commissioned by Ranee and Aparna Ramaswamy for collaboration between Ragamala Dance (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
      and Wadaiko Ensemble TOKARA (Iida City, Japan).
  • "Fukuro (The Owl)": 2008 Commissioned by Hokkaido, Japan Taiko Group, Kurisaku Shimafukurou, as their
      signature performance piece at all concerts for 2008 and 2009.
  • "Kagiri": 2007 Full Concert Composition for concert tour collaboration with Shakuhachi and Koto Ensemble Rivelta.
  • "EXISTENSION": Title work composed for collaboration with Electone Performer Katsumi Otsuka. Japan Concert Tour.
  • Art Lee has also composed numerous pieces for Wadaiko Ensemble Tokara for performances tours
      with the titles of: "Michi no Sekai E" and "Tenchi Shinmei".
January 1st
    Seifuuen with HISTRAD

January 2nd
   Takagi Asty with TOKARA

January 3rd
   Keizan with TOKARA

January 13th, 14th
   Tokyo Dome, Kansai Yamamoto Super Show Performance

January 17 - February 7th
   Australia, Tasmania - Teaching Residency

February 10th, 11th
   Hokkaido, Anniversary Performance with Shimafukuro

February 16th
   Zenkoji Temple Performance with HISTRAD

April 8th
   Tokyo Hilton, EcoPrime Anniversary with TOKARA

April 13th - 15th
   Santa Fe, New Mexico - Workshops to Smokin Bachi Taiko and Performance

April 17th, 18th
   Sarasota, Florida - Van Wezel Theater - Ragamala and TOKARA

April 28th
Connecticut - Workshop to UConn Taiko

April 29th
Connecticut - Workshop to Otatsu Taiko

May 4th - 13th
   New York - New Victory Theater
   Ragamala, Shubendra Rao, Toni Pierce-Sands, Durjay Bhaumik, TOKARA

May 14th
   Connecticut - Workshop to Otatsu Taiko

May 17th
   Minneapolis - Workshop to Mu Daiko

May 18th
   Minneapolis - Soo Visual Arts Center, TOKARA Performance
   Ragamala Gala

June 10th
   Saitama-ken, Kuki City performance

June 16th - 29th
   INADANI Taiko Drumming Course - Grand Tour

June 30th
   Art Lee Solo Concert - KAGIRI
   Iida-city, Ningyo Gekijyo

July 28th
   Art Lee Solo Concert - KAGIRI
   Gunma-ken, Midori City

July 31st
   Shiobara Ryo Concert Performance with TOKARA

August 1st - 30th
   TOKARA Showcase - Hirugami no Hibiki
   Hirugami Onsen Yagai Stage

August 11th
   Festival Iida Performance with TOKARA

August 14th
   Achi Village Obon Matsuri Performance with TOKARA

August 15th
   Ajima Matsuri Performance with Osuwa Daiko

August 16th
   Igari Natsu Matsuri Performance with TOKARA

August 18th
   Workshop at Nagoya Kita Bunka Theater

August 24th
   Tokyo Kenbunroku Performance with Osuwa Daiko

September 1st
   Art Lee and Ensemble Rivelta Joint Concert
   Nagoya Geijutsu Souzou Center

September 2nd
   Santogatousai Performance with TOKARA

September 7th
   Art Lee Concert - KAGIRI with TOKARA and Ragamala Dance
   Nagoya Kita Bunka Theater

September 15, 16th
   2nd Annual Saiwai Shimoina Wadaiko Festival
   Iida City Community Center

October 5th
   Festival of the Arts - Ragamala and TOKARA
   Port Angeles, Washington

October 7th
   Pantages Theater Concert - Ragamala and TOKARA
   Tacoma, Washington

October 9th
   Showcase - Ragamala and TOKARA
   Tacoma, Washington

October 13th
   Achi Village Matsuri with Koihime Daiko

October 20th
   Canvas Concert with HISTRAD

October 27th
   Concert Collaboration with Otsuki Katsuhiko (piano)

October 28th
   Kekkonshiki Ensou

November 11th
   Kekkonshiki Ensou
   Takagi Matsuri performance by Suiko

November 24th
   Iida City's 70th Anniversary performance with TOKARA

November 25th
   Iida Kokusai Kouryuu performance with TOKARA

December 1st
   Achi Village Kokusai Kouryuu performance with Koihime Daiko, TOKARA


January 12th - February 15th
   Tasmania, Australia - Workshops and Concerts

March 19th
   Special Guest Performance for Dance Group
   Inazawa City

April 22nd
   Performance at Yamabiko March with Tento

April 23rd
   Performance at Yamabiko March with TOKARA

May 3rd
   Guest with Kuwabara Band, Neba Mura

May 17th
   Histrad at Canvas

May 18th
   Hiraya Kindergarten and Elementary/Junior High School TOKARA Performance

May 28th
   Owase Bushi Event, TOKARA Guest Performance

May 31st
   Solo Performance, Hirugami Onsen Tenshin

June 5th
   Histrad Performance, Hirugami Onsen Hanaya

June 10th
   Art Lee First CD Tour - Inazawa Shimin Kaikan Concert

June 11th
   Achi Kokusai Kouryuu Performance

June 17th
   Solo Performance, Hirugami Onsen Seifuuen

June 19 - 24th
   INADANI Taiko Drumming Course

June 24th
   Art Lee First CD Tour - Iida Bunka Kaikan Ningyou Gekijyo

July 9th
   TOKARA Mini Concert - with Tento and Koihime Daiko

July 23th
   TOKARA at Takayama Matsuri no Mori Wadaiko Festival

August 4th
   Iida Ringon Matsuri Solo Performance

August 14th
   Hiraya Village Chin-Chin-Bakufu Matsuri

August 15th
   Ajima Matsuri Performance with Osuwa Daiko

August 29th
   Solo Odaiko Performance at Tokyo Aoyama Gekijyo - Aoyama Taiko Kenbunroku

September 1st
  Mitsubo Kindergarten

September 8th
  Hirugami Onsen Hanaya

September 25th
  Teaching Achi Daiichi Shogakkou (elementary school)

October 7th
  Iida Kekkonshiki Performance

October 10th
  Teaching Achi Daiichi Shogakkou

October 14th
  Histrad Concert in Kamimura

October 21st
  Collaboration concert with Otsuki Katsuhiko - piano

October 22nd
  1st Annual Saiwai Shimoina Wadaiko Festival Concert

October 24th
  Teaching Achi Daiichi Shogakkou

October 27th
  TOKARA at Top Hills, Iida

October 29th
  TOKARA in the Takayama Wadaiko Festival

November 6th - 13th
  TOKARA Tour in Taiwan

November 19th
  TOKARA at Takagi Festival

November 22nd
  Performance at Kefir-Agri Opening

November 23rd
  Concert in Kanie-cho

November 30th
   Teaching Achi Daiichi Shogakkou

December 8th - 18th
   Collaboration on creating new piece called "Sva" with Ragamala


February 5th - Omachi Snow Festival - TOKARA

February 12th - TOKARA "Toward the Undiscovered Country" Iida Concert

February 26th - TOKARA "Toward the Undiscovered Country" Nagoya Concert
                        One Year Anniversary

April 5th `June 2nd - TOKARA North America Tour

June 10th - Japan Expo Solo Performance

June 19th - TOKARA, Mie-ken Owase City Performance

July 14th and 21st - Iida FM Radio

July 17th - Iida Music Festival Solo Performance

August 5th - Iida Central Park Solo Performance

August 13th - Nagano Television Solo Performance

August 15th - Chiyo Summer Festival Solo Performance

September 4th - Santogattousai

September 17th - 2005 International Festival Concert
                           Inazawa Shimin Kaikan with Katsumi Otsuka, Abdoulaye Sankon, etc.

October 14th - Guest performer with Katsuhiko Otsuki in Iijima

October 15th - Art Lee wins First Place in the Tokyo International Wadaiko Contest
                            Odaiko Section

October 22nd - Art Lee Solo Concert - Winter's Echo (Fuyu no Kodama)
                        With guests, Rivelta Ensemble

October 23rd - Performance at Sonohara Ceremony, Hiezan Fire brought from Kyoto to Sonohara

November 2nd ` 14th - TOKARA as Japan Representatives at
                                     World Drum and Dance Festival in Taipei City
                                     sponsored by Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and created by IOV Taiwan

December 3rd - Solo Performance at Owase Port

2004 -

February 28th - EXISTENSION concert with
Katsumi Otsuka, Kiyoka and Art Lee Wadaiko Ensemble

March 7th - Official beginning of TOKARA

April 6th - May 16, TOKARA U.S. and Canada Concert Tour

May 30th - Hiroshima Solo Concert

July 16, 17th - Guest Performer with Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi
and Osuwa Daiko in 1st U.K. Taiko Festival.

July 19th - RhythmSticks Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.
Guest Performer with Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi

August 14th - Seoul, Korea performance with Noripan

September 22nd - Performance at Hamamatsu Hamanako

September 26th - Solo Concert in Iida Silk Plaza

October 3rd - Tokyo, Roppongi: TOKARA and Akaonidaiko

October 5th - Recording with Hibiki Inamoto for Elizabeth Rex, Play and CD.

October 28th - November 1st - Taiwan, Taipei City's 120th Anniversary
                                              World Music Festival

November 2nd - Tokyo Aoyama Gekijyo, All-Stars of Wadaiko concert
                        Odaiko - with Daihachi Oguchi and Osuwa Daiko Ashura-Gumi

November 14th - Inadani Geijutsu Festival - TOKARA and Koihime Daiko

November 21st - Iida J.A. Festival - TOKARA

November 27th - Saitama-ken, Kuki City Solo Concert

December 2nd - Fudoh Onsen Solo Performance

December 11th - Iida Canvas LiveHouse Solo Performance

- Art Lee began the study of Wadaiko with the Sacramento Taiko Dan.

1994 - Invited by Ondekoza to become a member for the remainder of their U.S. and Canada tour, and to join them in their full 1994 Japan Tour sponsored by Japan Art Corporation, culminating at Carnegie Hall in New York.

1996 - Germany Tour, First Europe International Taiko Festival with the Sacramento Taiko Dan.

1997 - Becomes one of the Sacramento Taiko Dan's assistant instructors.

1998 - Moves to Japan. Becomes instructor for Koihime Daiko. Continues to
compose music for productions in Japan, including Taiko Jamboree's, concerts and musicals.

2000 - Creates and produces the annual "International Powerful Stage" in Achi
Village. Produces the first ever Sacramento Taiko Dan Japan Tour.

2001 - In November 14th, 2001, Art Lee became the first person in the world to obtain authorization to acquire an artist visa from the Japanese Government in order to teach, produce concerts and lead the life of a Professional Wadaiko Artist in Japan.

2002 - Produces the second Sacramento Taiko Dan Japan Tour.

Produces and composes music for two charity concerts for Go-M.A.D. , a
charity organization. All profits were used to aid landless refugees in Nepal.

Requested by Grandmaster Oguchi Daihachi to arrange one of the world's
most well-known wadaiko pieces, "Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi" for performance in the 2002 Beijing World Music Festival.

Tokubetsu Prize in the All-Japan Odaiko Competition.

2003 - Shime-daiko workshops in U.S.

Winter Workshops and Performance in England.

May 25th - Art Lee Debut Concert - EXISTENSION

Summer - Two month project as co-artistic director, teacher and performer
with Kagemusha Taiko in England.

Composed music for and performance in the Ina Arts Festival.

Odaiko Solo at the Nissin City Wadaiko/Geinou Festival.

Workshop leader and Performer at the North American Taiko Conference.

Finalist in the Tokyo International Odaiko Competition.

October 25, 26: NHK World/BS1F"What's on Japan" Broadcast in 180 countries.
@@@ Program Name - 'In Person'
~American Professional Wadaiko Player,
Art Lee's Challenge~

Inazawa Shimin Kaikan - Wadaiko Geinou Matsuri, Main Guest Performer.

December 23: NHK: "Wadaiko ni Kakeru; Amerikajin Puro Sousha"