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Michi no Sekai E (Toward the Undiscovered Country)

“Michi No Sekai E” creates a bond between tradition and innovation.
The first half of the concert consists of all traditional taiko pieces which have become
established as some of the most influential pieces in the history of taiko drumming.
Each of the pieces in the first half are presented in a festival-like arrangement, evoking
the lively atmosphere of the summer festival season in Japan. The second half of the concert brings
Wadaiko Ensemble TOKARA’s most well-known and acclaimed original compositions to the stage.
These pieces, including “Hatou no Hibiki” and Nagisa Monogatari” have been audience favorites
all over Japan and the U.S. for years.

Choreographed and composed by Artistic Director Art Lee, "Michi no Sekai E" has been
Wadaiko Ensemble Tokara's most sought after production. This concert debuted in 2005
at over 43 venues in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Taiwan, and was accompanied by
residency workshops and 68 school presentations from elementary schools through universities.

"[Tokara] communicated such joy in their playing that I was absolutely enchanted...I felt pure primal joy as the beat reverberated throughout my body, as if the gods were calling the universe to life."

Print out for "Michi no Sekai E" | Short video of Tokara solo (0'50") | Miyake Daiko Video (2'36")

May 6th, 2011


A Center for the Arts
Fergus Falls, Minnesota (U.S.)
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