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"AUN" are the two guardians of the gate at Buddhist Temples in Japan.
With this concert, audiences are brought back to feudal Japan with many more traditional Japanese pieces, as well as Tokara's newest highly acclaimed piece "NIO".
This amazing production has toured Japan, Germany, Finland and other countries throughout 2016 and features master performances by Ensemble Liberta and Wadaiko Tokara.


New for 2015, "Yamato no Kaze" means "Winds of Ancient Japan" and represents the beginning of an epic historical moment.

This production features master performances by Ensemble Liberta and Wadaiko Tokara on a variety of instruments including:
Koto, Shakuhachi, Flute, Double Bass, Synthesizer, and Taiko Drums, Cajon and many more.
While traditional Japanese pieces are an integral part of the concert, audiences will be first surprised and then extremely delighted to hear pieces from Tango, Flamenco, Classical, Jazz and other genres masterfully performed on both Japanese and Classical instruments


“Kazakoshi” has toured 12 countries throughout the world for two years, celebrating Wadaiko Artist Art Lee’s 20th Anniversary in 2013 and Wadaiko Tokara’s 10th Anniversary in 2014.
“Kazakoshi” is the mountain wind which flows across the mountaintop of Mt. Fuetsu, bringing a billowing mist into the Inadani valley from which we gather our strength and determination to share throughout the world.
Not simply a taiko performance, “Kazakoshi” is an expression of the powerfully flowing, yet jazzy style of performance for which Tokara has become known.


Created by Art Lee in February of 2010, "Tenchi Shinmei" (The gods of heaven and earth) was inspired by the late Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi. Calling upon the purest of Shinto ideas, that within all things in the universe, both animate and inanimate, resides the essence of the spark of life of all humanity. The constant beating of the drums in our hearts are revitalized by the jazzy and enthusiastic rhythms that we play. Both the taiko drum and the drum of our hearts are forged together in eternal joy.


Born from humble beginnings as just one piece, "Tengei" has become one of the pivotal collaborations between taiko drumming and Japanese melodic instruments. Although this internationally acclaimed concert has been performed in theatres throughout Japan, Europe and North America, it was specially made for smaller venues such as grade school performances, homes for the elderly, and local gatherings, because of the very intimate nature of this rare performance.


“Michi No Sekai E” creates a bond between tradition and innovation. The first half of the concert consists of all traditional taiko pieces which have become established as some of the most influential pieces in the history of taiko drumming. Each of the pieces in the first half are presented in a festival-like arrangement, evoking the lively atmosphere of the summer festival season in Japan. The second half of the concert brings Wadaiko Ensemble TOKARA’s most well-known and acclaimed original compositions to the stage. These pieces, including “Hatou no Hibiki” and Nagisa Monogatari” have been audience favorites all over Japan and the U.S. for years.


Following his successful solo concerts “Existension” and “Fuyu no Kodama”, acclaimed wadaiko soloist Art Lee presents “Kagiri (The Mist of Fire)”, a journey into the very reaches of our inner selves, and the passion and power that we all possess when inspired by our dreams. Through our will and determination, these dreams become reality. The world premiere of “Kagiri (The Mist of Fire)” was presented in 2006 in Iida-city, Japan. The show has also included back-up performers from Wadaiko Ensemble TOKARA and Ensemble Rivelta (Koto and Shakuhachi ensemble).

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